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    Smile Can foreigners buy property in Vietnam

    Vietnam will allow foreigners to buy houses for the first time with one simple requirement, they must enter Vietnam legally.
    They will be able to own the property for a maximum of 50 years and enjoy the same rights to lease, transfer or sell the property as Vietnamese citizens.
    The new law will extend the rules that currently apply to apartments, according to the amended Housing Law which will take effect on July 1, 2015.
    For more details on the rules and regulations please check Can foreigners buy property in Vietnam article

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    With effect from 1 July 2015, Vietnam property market has opened up for foreigners with certain restriction.
    There are 7 factors you need to know as foreigners when you want to buy Vietnam property
    1. Who can buy
    2. Type of property you can buy
    3. Maximum units of ownership
    4. Tenure of property allow for foreigner
    5. Usage of property
    6. Payment scheme
    7. Tax payable
    For more details on the factors above please click can foreigners buy property in Vietnam for details

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