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    SP-Pay is a simple and free payslip software developed by students of Singapore Polytechnic to help SMEs manage and issue payslips to their employees. SP-Pay can be used to meet SMEs’ basic needs before transiting to commercial-grade products available in the market for more sophisticated needs.

    About: SP-Pay is built by graduating students from Singapore Polytechnic (SP), as part of the efforts to develop future IT talents. It is in line with IDA efforts to promote ICT adoption by SMEs in their businesses. Read more about the story here.

    This application will run on Windows 7 and Windows 8, other platforms will be considered if there is demand.

    File size - 38 MB
    Operating system - Windows OS
    Prerequisites - .Net Framework 4, Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010

    User manual: UserGuide.pdf

    * By clicking on download, you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions set by Singapore Polytechnic. SPH Magazines is not liable for any issues that may arise from using this app. Please contact SP's helpdesk at spayhelp@gmail.com for any queries with regards to the app.
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