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  1. Strategies for SMEs' hiring conundrum

    OPINION: SMEs should highlight their forward-thinking HR practices to potential candidates to assure them that there are effective and consistent processes in place to hire and retain people across the business.

    THERE is no doubt that hiring the right people helps a company thrive and prosper. People are the lifeblood of a business and have a direct impact on the company's culture, morale and productivity.

    However, hiring the right people can be challenging for small and ... Read more
  2. Towkaytalk: From market player to creator

    OPINIONS: POSITIONING THE BUSINESS AHEAD WITH ANTICIPATED MOVEMENTS. A CHAMPION FOR COLLABORATIONS, THE FOUNDATION OF OUR FUTURE. The future is looking fantastic through the eyes of Mr Derrick Yap, CEO of PBA Group (PBA). Painting a vivid picture of a robotics training centre that is in the works, Derrick tracks back to journey of the company since the earlier days when the company was founded by his father, Mr Tony Yap.

    The business diversity of the Group is what lends edge to its ... Read more
  3. Towkay Talk: A Phoenix Arising

    OPINIONS: HEARTS ROOTED, EYES ABLAZE. The story of Sunray Woodcraft Construction is one of rebirth, perseverance and togetherness. Amidst the talk of expansion, innovation and social responsibility, the family-run business pursues professionalisation and international expansion.

    Ms Connie Wu, CEO of Sunray Woodcraft Construction, shares that the Sunray family extends beyond the business owners to include all employees, forming the unique Sunray One Family culture that the business thrives ... Read more
  4. S'pore as Asia's start-up nation, infrastructure financing hub?

    OPINIONS: Singapore's economic model over the last 50 years has, undoubtedly, been a great success.

    The state recognised early on the limitations of a small domestic market and embarked on an aggressive drive to attract foreign capital from the developed West. This, combined with a hard-working workforce, generous tax incentives for multinational corporations (MNCs) and a competent and honest bureaucracy, enabled Singapore to become the most attractive place for foreign businesses looking ... Read more
  5. Investor relations is a two-way street

    OPINIONS: Always be honest and responsive, Best Investor Relations (IR) winners in the 2015 Singapore Corporate Awards tell ONG HUI QUN

    Meng Fanqiu
    Chief Executive Officer
    China Aviation Oil (Singapore) Corporation

    "At CAO, we hold the IR function in high regard, for it is management's responsibility to preserve shareholders' assets and enhance shareholders' values.

    It requires an integration of corporate finance, communications, corporate marketing ... Read more
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